Let me introduce myself...

I am a mother, wife, full-time employee and an entrepreneur. I was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican parents. I mostly grew up in Brooklyn, NYC, then moved to Detroit, MI and up until 2 years ago, lived in sunny Florida.

I now live in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA. How did I get here? The universe placed me here after I lost my mother to cancer in June of 2016. In August of the same year, my husband I decided we were ready for a change. Now don't get me wrong, there are days where I really wonder how WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!! I am such a Caribbean child, meaning I love the sun! We only get sun here 3 months out of the year. However, I've had amazing opportunities, since living here, so I will not complain. I've also learned to appreciate the sun and get out more!

I started my natural hair journey in April of 2017. I had tried many times before,  but my hair was so damaged and I was afraid to go out in the world with the thing on my head called hair. You're probably wondering, so what made you finally  do it? Well living in Seattle, I realized a couple of things in my second year. 1. It ALWAYS rains here and 2. Rain and straight hair don't mix well! I got tired of always having to re-flat iron my hair, and praying that I didn't get it wet and end up looking like a lost poodle.

I started out like everyone else who transitions back to natural, CONFUSED! I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information that was out there. I didn't understand the lingo either: DC, LOC, LCO, praying hands, raking, Co-wash, Clarifying, etc. I could go on and on. So please note, that when you reach out to me and you're frustrated, I totally understand! The most important piece of advice I can give you is, BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!! Your hair will start to respond but it won't happen overnight!  If you want to see where I started, go checkout my Instagram.

I started Natrulyme because I knew that there are plenty of us out here who want to start the transition but are confused as well. My vision for my company is to help others get on this journey and feel good about their decision. I want to inspire you to free yourself of what society thinks you should be!

I hope that you will find your strength and confidence to go back to natural and realize that WE ARE BEAUTIFULLY MADE!